Customer Reviews

“For the last six years Sandy Gillman has been an important part of the professional presentation of our company.  During those years, Sandy has used her vast industry knowledge to offer guidance in our purchasing of items that represent our business in the truest way possible.

As a business in the service industry, we know the importance of customer follow up – Sandy excels at this vital skill. Her attention to detail has prevented many mishaps and has ensured we maintain the best image possible.  She puts everything that she has into everything that she does and her dedication always shows in the end result.” – Charles B

* * *

“I don’t suppose that a week does not go by when I am not contacted by an promotional ad specialty company trying to convince me to give them my business.  Generally their primary approach is to guarantee a lower price than I am currently receiving from Gillman Ad Specialties.  Sandy Gillman has been my provider of choice since 1992, and we have discussed on many occasions the likelihood of getting cheaper prices.  In the case of Sandy, the old cliche price is not everything is most appropriate.  Don’t misunderstand, she provides what we need at a fair price, but price point is not why I am able to confidently tell the many pursuers that I am simply not interested in switching horses.

Sandy and her team regularly exceed my service expectations, especially in difficult situations.  The true measure of a provider is not how they perform when things are going well, but how they respond to the problems.  Sandy is the best I have seen responding to difficult issues, and I have never left such a situation unsatisfied.  I recommend her and her team to anyone needing her service.” – Mark M

* * *

“I wanted to thank you again for your assistance with our specialty shirts and flash drive orders.  Both the shirts and flash drives were delivered today, even ahead of schedule!  This order required lots of extra coordination on both Barbara and Sandy’s part.  It was so comforting knowing that everything was getting taken care of.  I have been very busy the last couple weeks, and your assistance made my job, a lot less stressful! I can’t even express my gratitude. As always, we greatly appreciate all that you do for us!” – Brooke P

* * *

“I wanted to take a moment to offer my sincere thanks for your prompt and attentive service last week. I know that items purchased were not a high-ticket items, but you treated me with such care and patience that it felt like I was buying your most expensive product!

Service like yours is rare in business these days, and I not want my appreciation to go unstated. Thank you so much for going to such great lengths to make sure I found what I needed.

You can be certain that I will continue to come to you for all of my advertising & promotional needs.” – Darryl J